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Does Your Organization Need an Ethics Program Check-up?

Recent amendments to the federal Sentencing Guidelines for organizations concerning new ethics and compliance program requirements are a reminder that all organizations – for-profit and non-profit, large and small — need to have in place an effective program designed to prevent and detect violations of law.  The attached article provides a brief summary.

Does your organization need a compliance check-up, in light of these recent changes and new requirements?  Are there standards and procedures in place to prevent and detect criminal conduct?  Is your board of directors knowledgeable of and directing the oversight of the program to assure its effectiveness?  Is your organization doing periodic risk assessments, and providing appropriate training at all levels to give legal updates, periodic training and refresher courses?  Does the organization have a process in place for internal investigations and appropriate responses to criminal conduct, if it is discovered? 

Let us know if you have questions about these recent changes in the law and the guidelines, and about how we can help you with a cost-effective compliance checkup for your organization.